Detox after holidays - Day 8 to 14

The last week was very difficult to be focus on my diet because I had a few events and dinners with friends and it’s really hard to say no to a glass of wine or some yummy food or desserts. But i think I’m doing great and even I didn’t loose weight this week, I didn’t put any. So it’s a good balance!

I did some exercise but not every day and that makes a lot of difference to me because with my slow metabolism, I really need to do a lot of cardio to burn some extra calories.
But the holidays are almost finish and when I will be back to my routine I know I will loose the other 1,5 kilo.
I hope my meals can help and inspire you for the weight lost! One of my favourite places in Portugal for Snacks it’s the Go Natural, they have a lot of healthy option, no gluten and a lot of detox juices! I wish I could have it in Singapore because it helps a lot!
Day 8 - since I didn’t go to the gym I had a huge breakfast/brunch ( I’m so spoiled from my mum), with scramble eggs, white cheese, banana, peach, orange and some nuts.
I went to the cinema with the kids and to try to avoid the popcorns I bought a healthy snack, two energy balls and gelly with chia seeds and I drunk a lot of water! No lunch today because I wasn’t hungry!
Dinner - I was really naughty and I couldn’t resist to have 2 glasses of white wine and a beautiful sushi! But I think sometimes your body really needs to have some different meals and some carbs and also for my sanity!!!! And the company was really worth it to do this ‘sins’!

Day 9 - after a bad meal what I normally do it’s to continue my plan and don’t worry to much. If the kids were at school I could do some extra exercise but since they aren’t I just focus to eat clean!
Breakfast: paleo bread with a sunny side egg, parm ham, white cheese, banana, mango and some grapes.
Lunch - zuchini noddles with bologneise. One of my favourite dishes!
Afternoon snack - pineapple with some almonds
Dinner - fish and prawns curry from Go Natural! Super spicy but super yummy and low carb! I loved it!

Day 11 - I went to the beach and I wasn’t hungry so I just had a big coffee with cinnamon and my first meal was after that! Of course I drink a lot of water with lemon and I can be like that until 1pm.
Lunch - baked fish, avocado, white cheese, cherries, orange and some papaya.
Snack - I had a low carb dessert from Go Natural without sugar and it’s super delicious!
Dinner - i went to a Zumba class and after I just had a lettuce salad with cherry tomato, mozzarella and parm ham.

Day 12 - I didn’t have time to have breakfast so I prepare a lunch box to bring to the beach! Banana pancakes, Greek yogurt, banana and some berries! It was a great idea and I was full until late!
Lunch - baked chicken with a sunny side egg and some salsa salad
Snack - nuts, fruit and a big coffee.
Dinner - zuchini noddles with prawns, lemon sauce and coriander.

Day 13 - it was really hot in my town and we decided to stay home in the morning because we were tired! We had a great breakfast with paleo bread, sunny side egg, fresh fruit, nuts and parm ham.
Lunch - I went out for lunch and I had Burrata with salad and pesto sauce
Dinner - I went out again and I order grilled fish and seafood with veggies and some potatoes.

Day 14 - I started my day with a great breakfast, omelette with ham and cheese, ham, chorizo, sausage and bacon!
Lunch - roasted duck, mushrooms with cream cheese and bacon and veggies
Snack - Greek yogurt, paleo granola, nuts, strawberries and banana.
Dinner - baked salmon, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and papaya.

As you can see I’m eating a lot of fruit and that doesn’t help also with the weight lost but I think it’s better to eat healthy than to do another kind of mistakes. At this point I really feel that my body is asking more fruit so it’s all about that : listen your body and be healthy!


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