Detox after Holidays - Day 4 to 7

After a long weekend it was impossible to write daily my meals. I know I’m on holidays but being with 3 kids all day can be more exhausting than having a job from 9-5 pm. But I’m not complaining because I love to spend time with them and I have the help of my parents here.

But don’t think that I gave up of my goal to loose the 3 kilos, actually I lost already 1,5kilos and that makes me feel really happy. Of course the exercise is helping a lot, I’m not doing as much as I wanted but at least I’m doing something!
Day 4 - it was pretty busy with the kids and I didn’t have time to go to the gym in the morning. So I decided to have a big breakfast.

Breakfast: scramble eggs, paleo bread, nuts and some fruits.
At lunch time I went for a face cleaning so I didn’t want to eat much and I just decided to have some beautiful strawberries with a big coffee.
In the afternoon I took the boys to swimming and Maria to Hip Hop and I had a chicken salad at the coffee shop.
My meals were a little bit out of the box, with not much fat as I wanted but I wasn’t hungry at night. And this philosophy it’s all about that, listen your body, if you are not hungry don’t eat!
After the kids activities I left them with my parents and I did a 3B ( Bum Bum Brasil ) class and a Zumba class to burn some energy and feel that I did some workout!
Before I went to bed I had my camomile tea, some almonds and 2 squares of dark chocolate! For me its my special treat!!!!
Day 5 - the weather in Portugal it’s not super hot, I think this week we will start feeling the heat and enjoy more the beach.
So I just decided to bring the kids to the playgroud, boys always find friends to play football and Mia also. And in two hours they are really tired!

My meals for this day:

Breakfast - paleo bread with boiled egg, white cheese, parm ham, watermelon and some nuts.
Lunch - we have a beautiful restaurant with a great view to the sea in the playground and they have different option of salads, I usually choose the tuna but the other ones are good also.
Snack - chia pudding with Greek yogurt, raspberries jam and some fresh fruit!
Dinner - I went out for dinner and I had some octopus with veggies.
It was a busy day with some activities and I didn’t feel weak, I just start to feel more energy and that makes me really happy!

Weekends are always hard when you have 3 kids to keep busy and they are on holidays already for 5 weeks. So, I really try to be creative and I thought that would be a good idea for them to have some skate classes during the summer. It’s super cheap and they have them at Decathlon. For Maria I decided to try the 🚲 and see how she would react. Of course, she loved it and of course she will take a while to learn but she is super happy with this activity!
My meals for this day:

Breakfast - I didn’t have time for breakfast because the classes were super early. So I had a big coffee with cinnamon.
Brunch - 2 eggs, bacon, papaya, avocado, nuts and some berries
Afternoon snack - fresh coconut with roasted cashews
Dinner - roasted pork with salad, peach, kiwi and berries and some bacon.
I had a Zumba class after the kids activities so I just ate after that. I know it sounds weird but I really don’t like to do exercise after eat a lot! But just follow your body and try to understand what works for you!
Day 7 - I started my day with a Zumba class and just with a big black coffee with cinnamon.

Lunch - We went out for lunch and I had some grilled sardines with a vegetable salad.
The boys had skate and bike class after lunch to burn some energy.
Afternoon snack - banana waffles with Greek yogurt, berries and almonds
Dinner - we went out for dinner after we watch Portugal become European champion for under 19 and I choosed one of my favourite places at the shopping center, it calls H3Gournet and it’s all about burguers, but maybe the best ones I ever had!
You have many options but my favourite one it’s the Tuga, with a beautiful sauce, sunny side egg and I don’t have the rice and French fries ( they are absolutely amazing) but I always eat the salad with spinach purée that I loved it!
Just believe that you can change the way you eat and feel more energy and be more happy!


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