A mostrar mensagens de Julho, 2018

Detox after holidays - day 3

The good think about being on holidays is doing different things everyday with the kids. Since we don’t live in Portugal is much easy for me to discover new/old places or different activities.Yesterday, the weather was cooler so I just decided to go with two friends to the zoo and make the kids walk around and see the animals. 
We went there this summer for Maria’s birthday but it was really hot and we didn’t see everything! The first stop was absolutely hilarious because the zebras were doing something inappropriate...
It wasn’t the best start but we laughed a lot! After walking around the kids were hungry and we just went to Macdonalds and I kept my focus and I had a salad ( ‘what a sad life’).
Since I didn’t have time to do exercise in the morning I had a big breakfast so at lunch time I wasn’t so hungry and helped me to avoid the burguers and French fries! My meals:
Breakfast: egg in a whole with paleo bread, 1/2 avocado with, black pepper, salt and lime juice, some berries and a big …

Detox after holidays - day 2

My second day was different because I didn’t have Zumba in the morning, I tried a new class, it’s a Brazilian class called 3B Bum Bum Brasil, the translation to English is Butt Butt Brazil🤣🤣🤣! It’s just 30 minutes but I thought I wouldn’t survive!!! A lot of squads with weights but really good to tone the parts of my body that really needs. After I did a Step class, the last time I did it was more than 15 years ago and I really enjoyed but nothing compares to Zumba. But it’s always good to try new workouts and most important work different parts of your body!
My day always stars the same way:Breakfast: just a black coffee with cinnamon and a glass of warm water with some lemon juiceAfter Workout: egg in a whole , one of my favourite breakfasts with avocado, lime juice, salt and black pepper.Lunch: prawm salad with many veggiesAfternoon snack : oats porridge with hazelnut butter with cacao, berries, dry coconut, mango and almonds.Dinner: vegetable soup without potato and some Portugu…

Detox after holidays - day 1

After 3 weeks of holidays in Portugal I have more 3 kilos ( yes, I know it’s horrible, I’m addicted to food)!I could continue doing the same, eating everything I wanted and maybe try to loose the weight when I’m back to Singapore but I don’t feel happy with the extra kilos. So I just decided to do my Paleo Diet and maybe allow myself to make a few mistakes once a week ( I will try my best 🙏). My body really missed my Zumba classes and when I restarted I felt much better! It really helps to motivate you when you want to loose weight! 

My day one was pretty easy and the secret it’s to try to keep me busy with the kids and be outside the house as much as I can and avoid the Portuguese bakery’s ( it’s a killer, believe me).This were my meals today:
Breakfast: just a black coffee with cinnamon and a glass of warm water with some lemon juiceAfter Zumba: paleo bread with a sunny side egg, watermelon, orange, papaya, almonds and parm hamLunch: grilled burguer, sunny side egg, salad with vinai…