Detox after holidays - day 1

After 3 weeks of holidays in Portugal I have more 3 kilos ( yes, I know it’s horrible, I’m addicted to food)!

I could continue doing the same, eating everything I wanted and maybe try to loose the weight when I’m back to Singapore but I don’t feel happy with the extra kilos. So I just decided to do my Paleo Diet and maybe allow myself to make a few mistakes once a week ( I will try my best 🙏). 

My body really missed my Zumba classes and when I restarted I felt much better! It really helps to motivate you when you want to loose weight! 

My day one was pretty easy and the secret it’s to try to keep me busy with the kids and be outside the house as much as I can and avoid the Portuguese bakery’s ( it’s a killer, believe me).

This were my meals today:

Breakfast: just a black coffee with cinnamon and a glass of warm water with some lemon juice

After Zumba: paleo bread with a sunny side egg, watermelon, orange, papaya, almonds and parm ham

Lunch: grilled burguer, sunny side egg, salad with vinaigrette sauce

Afternoon snack: strawberries

Dinner: grilled fish with broccolis and carrots

Snack before go to bed: 1 small square of dark chocolate 80% and a camomile tea

 A lot of people asked me how can I do exercise without eating but for me its my boost of energy and I never felt weak but that it’s me. So if you prefer you can always eat breakfast before your exercise and for a morning snack I would advise some almonds or cashews with some carrot sticks. 

My goal for this 30 days it’s to loose weight but also to feel more energy again and feel better with myself. 

What I felt this 3 weeks was no energy and always too full, because in Portugal we really eat too much and also the wine it’s super good! 

Let me know if you have any questions about my ‘detox’ and I will be more than happy to answer and help.

Have a good week!!!

P.S. - in Portugal you can find the Paleo bread already baked in the supermarket. You can see the photo below....


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