A mostrar mensagens de Novembro, 2018

Paleo lifestyle

After my first article about my life change (you can read it here: ), I received a few emails/messages to share more details about my Paleo diet. I already did a post about that in Portuguese but for my new (no portuguese) followers I decided to share what and how it works my new healthy lifestyle, my weekly menus and my routine! But before you start you need to understand that there is no magic, if you want to lose weight, feel better, more energy, you really need to give up of many things, not forever but for a while! I will never have my 18 years old body back but im sure i can be more healthy, energetic and confident that i used to be, even after 3 kids! 

Never forget that for weight lost 80% of the results it’s about what you eat and just 20% it’s exercise! Because most of the people start doing exercise and instantly they start eating more. That is the first mistake because instead of loosing weight you will …