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After my first article about my life change (you can read it here: ), I received a few emails/messages to share more details about my Paleo diet. I already did a post about that in Portuguese but for my new (no portuguese) followers I decided to share what and how it works my new healthy lifestyle, my weekly menus and my routine! But before you start you need to understand that there is no magic, if you want to lose weight, feel better, more energy, you really need to give up of many things, not forever but for a while! I will never have my 18 years old body back but im sure i can be more healthy, energetic and confident that i used to be, even after 3 kids! 

Never forget that for weight lost 80% of the results it’s about what you eat and just 20% it’s exercise! Because most of the people start doing exercise and instantly they start eating more. That is the first mistake because instead of loosing weight you will easily put some kilos. It happened to me in my first month, I was doing Zumba 4/5 times a week, feeling exhausted and eating the double! No way, try to control your apetite with healthy snacks, like two boiled eggs, some nuts, carrots or cumcuber sticks! But careful with the nuts because they are a good fat but they have a lot of calories, so if you want to loose weight don’t eat them too much! 

Always try to eat with some fresh fruit or fresh coconut that I really love it! And you also have yummy options, like greek yogurt, chia pudding with coconut milk, orange juice and even a toast with gluten free bread for some of the days that you are starving, a homemade granola bar! 
But I will give you a lot of ideas so you don’t have excuses not to do the diet! 

The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic! It was the only diet that really worked with me because I can eat as much as I want and I just feel so much better inside and outside. There are many ways to do it and in the begin it’s hard to understand the concept because we are so addicted to carbs and sugar that just the idea that you can’t have them make you feel anxious before you start. 
The first step is to find the best recipe of Paleo bread to replace your ‘old’ bread. For me it was easy because I found a lots of new recipes that are tasty and replaced the super yummy Portuguese bread! 

In Portugal this diet became so popular that you can actually buy Paleo bread at the supermarket for a very good price and it helps a lot. In fact, i brought a few of this breads from Portugal and i just sliced them and frozen. To defrost its very easy, you just need to toast the bread or warm a few seconds in the microwave.

But in Singapore you also can find at Baker&Cook a Gluten free bread that is super delicious and even the kids can't find the difference!

Let's dig in!!

I’ve been posting a few ideas and recipes to help the beginners in this diet but you really need to follow what you need and what makes you feel more energetic. For example, when I woke up I just have a cup of coffee with cinnamon and I can stay just with that until lunch time. I really like to do exercise with my empty belly because I feel more energy. But it works for me and it might not work for you, so just start with a normal Paleo Diet and in the first week you will feel dizzy, headaches and a little bit constipation but that is normal because you are taking out of your daily menu the sugar and all the bads carbs. After two weeks you will be able to start doing some fasting and you will be fine to skip the breakfast but again everybody is different and if you don't feel good just have your paleo breakfast and don't feel bad about that! The results are super amazing and you will feel super motivated because of that!

Try to sleep at least 7/8 hours and one hour of exercise, you can walk, do some cardio classes, gym but listen your body first of all. Because not all the bodies react the same and the goal it’s to loose weight not to get sick. 

My perfect weekly menu for beginners is this one:

BreakfastPaleo bread with
a sunny side egg,
watermelon, orange,
papaya, almonds and
 parm ham
Egg in a whole,
 one of my favourite breakfasts,
 with avocado, lime juice,
salt and black pepper.
Mini fritatta with
cheese, ham
and veggies
Lemon Blueberry
pancakes with greek yogurt and fresh berries
Granola Bars
 with chocolate chips 
Chia Pudding with
coconut milk and strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and almonds [can prepare overnight)
Coconut waffles with
greek yogurt
and Mango
LunchGrilled burguer,
sunny side egg, salad with vinaigrette sauce
Bacon Zucchini FrittadaGrilled chicken with
Eggs benedits with
spinach, aspargus and
Baked fish in the
oven with sweet
potato and carrots
 and french beans
Grilled beef
with zuchiini fries
and salad
Sashimi and
miso soup
DinnerBaked salmon with broccolis
and carrots
Meatballs with zuchini noddlesTuna &
Prawns Salad
Baked Lemon Chicken
with veggies
 fried rice
Eggplant bologneseTacos on
Lettuce shells
SnacksStrawberies with cashew nutsCarrots & cucumber sticks1 square of
 dark chocolate 
Apple with some
2 boiled eggsLemon coconut
paleo muffin
Homemade Granola bar
with green tea

You can find most of the recipes in my blog but you also can ask me more if you don't like some of my suggestions! 

The best think of this diet is that you stop counting calories and you will be more focus on eating the right things! And that makes me happy, because I hate counting calories. Maybe you do too!!!

The reason the Paleo Diet works is primarily due to the fact that you’re eliminating all of the high calorie, low energy, junk foods from your diet. Which means you’re going to, on average, eat fewer calories than you’ve been eating in the past.
Which will lead to weight loss over time!
Going again back to our evolutionary history, we didn’t always have the luxury of going to a vending machine or drive-through window to pick up food. Sometimes we’d go all day long, or even days at a time, without finding any food. Luckily, we’re designed to use our excess fat stores as energy in these situations.
Don’t worry about eating every three hours. The best part of this diet it's that i don't need to eat every 3 hours, i eat when im hungry and until im full, some days i need more meals and some days i can eat just one big meal. 
If you go to a party bring your own food so you don't get any temptation:

If you go out for lunch or dinner, try to do the right choices:

My advice: go forth... and eat like a caveman. It's really worth, don't you think?


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