A mostrar mensagens de Dezembro, 2018

Why you should do a weekly Menu?

In my opinion and being a mum of 3, i understood that i really needed to Plan a weekly Menu every sunday morning (while the boys are having swimming at 7 am). 

First thing to do is to see what i didn't use the week before, take a look of your fridge, freezer and pantry. Second, after i do my menu i can do a grocery list with the things i need to buy at the supermarket. That way i will be more efficient and don't spend money in things that i don't need. (But I always ended up buying a few extra things 🤦🏻‍♀️)
I have my own Paleo menu (that i share yesterday, you can see the link here: and i do another one for the all family with the school lunch and snacks because i don’t thing they kids need to cut in all the carbs and sometimes they can have a treat. Every sunday I bake bread (for almost all week), cookies, a cake or sometimes cinnamon rolls (their favourites) or madeleines or brazilian cheese bread for t…