Why you should do a weekly Menu?

In my opinion and being a mum of 3, i understood that i really needed to Plan a weekly Menu every sunday morning (while the boys are having swimming at 7 am). 

First thing to do is to see what i didn't use the week before, take a look of your fridge, freezer and pantry. Second, after i do my menu i can do a grocery list with the things i need to buy at the supermarket. That way i will be more efficient and don't spend money in things that i don't need. (But I always ended up buying a few extra things 🤦🏻‍♀️)

I have my own Paleo menu (that i share yesterday, you can see the link here: http://cakescookiesdreams.blogspot.com/2018/11/paleo-lifestyle.html) and i do another one for the all family with the school lunch and snacks because i don’t thing they kids need to cut in all the carbs and sometimes they can have a treat. Every sunday I bake bread (for almost all week), cookies, a cake or sometimes cinnamon rolls (their favourites) or madeleines or brazilian cheese bread for the lunch boxes.

I try do adjust my meals with the kids so i don't waste time at the kitchen and money but not every day it's possible. I try to do my best!!!

Since i started planning my weekly menus I don't throw away the menus for the week before and i try not to repeat the meals for one month ( the favourite ones i can keep every two weeks). You can also try to plan the all monthly menu but for me i found it difficult but if it works for you go ahead and don't think more about your meals for one month!!! 

This is the one i use for my family because i can write the snacks and school lunch of the kids but you can find a lot more in the internet. 

The main reason to planning a weekly menu it's because saves money by reducing the visits to the supermarket and having a grocery list ahead, keeps you focus and don't let you have a impulse spending. A big tip it’s not to go to the supermarket with a empty belly, you will always buy more than you need because you are starving 😉!

Another huge advantage is that you are more conscients of what your family eats, since you write everything, forces you to be more aware of what you are serving, rather than cooking something fast, delicious but not healthy!

And last but not the least, because it's a time saver, despite the fact that i take one hour to plan the menu, it's also a considerable time saver. How many times have you arrived home at 5 pm and you don't know what to cook for dinner? And your fridge/freezer is empty?

Planning a weekly menu makes you:

1. Save Money
2. Save Time
3. Do better nutritional decisions
4. Unnecessary waste
5. Avoid stress
6. Serve better meals 
7. make more Variety 
8. Plan ahead

This is one example of my menu for this week:

I like to hand write my menu and I always have it in my fridge so I can defrost in advance all the meals and prepare everything with time!

Some of my kids favourite school snack/lunchs are:

I will try to post more often my lunch boxes ideas for your kids and also for my Paleo Diet! Let me know if you need any special request! 
Have a lovely week!


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