Maria's birthday party - Unicorn party

Maria’s birthday will be just in July but since she never had a party with her friends from Singapore ( we are always away during the summer), this year I decided to celebrate it early! 
We invited all her friends and she wanted a rainbow unicorn party🦄🌈! I spent all my Friday baking and cooking for 50 people but it was worth it! She was super happy and excited!

Some appetiser... And a super yummy sangria...
Me and my friend Bego did a kids Zumba class and we played a few games with the kids!
Her smile ....
Piñata time.... After so much fun the kids and adults had lunch, pizza, lasagna and cod fish with cream! 
After....the perfect dessert... my delicious triffle with berries and custard...
And brownies...

And final the happy birthday to Maria...
She asked for a vanilla cake with pink was super delicious!
‘Some days, she has no idea how she’ll do it. But every single day, it still gets done’!

The sleeping beauty

My first debut as a professional writer😃! Thank you @vanilla.beige 🙏! You can find the article here:

The best coffee in Singapore ‘Perk’

In Portugal, everybody (or almost) is addicted to coffee, we start our day with a Cafe Latte (galão) and a croissant or a cake or toasts and after we will have a expresso! Of course, it’s completely outside the Paleo concept and I try to avoid this kind of meal, even though it’s so delicious! Nothing can beat the flavour of our express because it’s so unique but I always wonder if I could find something similar in Singapore. In Singapore you can find the local coffee, they call it Kopi-O (black, with sugar) or Kopi-C ( coffee with unsweetened evaporated milk (the C is for Carnation), but they’ll still add sugar😬😬). The problem is that it’s super strong and you just can take one in the morning, otherwise you won’t sleep at night. This is the traditional Singaporean breakfast with two soft boiled eggs and a toast with butter or kaya toast! A very funny way to have your coffee is in a plastic bag, because if you want to take away its a very easy way to transport your hot drink:  Hopefully,…

Asparagus with Bacon

Sometimes people complain that they don’t have time to eat healthy things or to do diet! I understand that it’s easy to grab a cookie or a croissant either than prepare something more healthier. In my case, I always do a lot of snacks on weekends so when I’m hungry during the week I don’t do any mistake. Last night I prepare a bunch of asparagus with bacon in the oven for dinner and also for my breakfast today! The leftovers I will eat it when I’m hungry during the week! I really hope that you enjoy as much as me!
This recipe couldn’t be more easy and delicious...
White asparagus  Slices of bacon ( or park ham) Pepper and garlic Avocado Olive oil for drizzling Oregano ( optional )
Preparation:  1. Preheat oven, to 180 degrees.
2. Lightly coat asparagus spears in extra-virgin olive oil. Season the asparagus with pepper and garlic and use a slice of bacon to wrap each one and secure the spears together. Repeat with remaining ingredients.3. In the end, you can add more pepper and some o…

Avo & Co the best veggies and fruit in town!!

The biggest challenge in Singapore is how not to spend a fortune in food every month, mostly because we are a family of 5 and i really try to give the best meals to them! You have many places that you can buy wonderful veggies and fruit, of course the wet markets are the cheapest ones[not my favourite option thought because im very sensitive to strong smells, like Durian, lamb, fish, etc), the best one in my opinion is the WholeSale Center in Pasir Panjang but you need to buy big amount (you always can share with your friends). But after 5 years i just discovered a very good way to buy the best veggies and fruits in Singapore that doesn't crash my budget, Avo&Co, you can take a look in the website and order a small or big basket, add some favourite veggies/fruits and just wait for the delivery at home. This service is super convenient when, in my case, im always struggling with no time for anything! The link for the website is here: They also have red meat fro…

Whole30 - Day 15 to 21

Mais uma semana que passou e continuo no meu plano ‘low carb’ e a tentar ao máximo evitar tudo o que me faça mal e sobretudo a comer fora de casa. Em Singapura, todas as comidas tem sempre açúcar nos molhos, soja, óleo e isso deixa-me sempre mal disposta. Fica difícil fazer a escolha acertada e por isso muitas vezes opto por levar marmita ou comer fruta com frutos secos e isso existe em qualquer lado em Singapura. Deixo aqui mais uma semana de plano alimentar, continuo sem conseguir abdicar dos frutos secos, iogurte grego e queijo, são mesmo necessários para a minha energia diária, mas cada caso é um caso e se não sentirem essa falta, retirem do vosso menu porque talvez faça uma diferença enorme! Boa semana!

Dia 15: Pequeno-almoço: Waffles de banana e coco com iogurte grego natural, morangos, mirtilos e amêndoa moída. Sempre acompanhada de um belo café com canela.

Almoço - Hambúrguer de Batata doce assada, com ovo estrelado, alface e tomate. Assei a batata doce no forno com sal, pimenta e u…