The best coffee in Singapore ‘Perk’

In Portugal, everybody (or almost) is addicted to coffee, we start our day with a Cafe Latte (galão) and a croissant or a cake or toasts and after we will have a expresso! Of course, it’s completely outside the Paleo concept and I try to avoid this kind of meal, even though it’s so delicious!
Nothing can beat the flavour of our express because it’s so unique but I always wonder if I could find something similar in Singapore.
In Singapore you can find the local coffee, they call it Kopi-O (black, with sugar) or Kopi-C ( coffee with unsweetened evaporated milk (the C is for Carnation), but they’ll still add sugar😬😬). The problem is that it’s super strong and you just can take one in the morning, otherwise you won’t sleep at night. This is the traditional Singaporean breakfast with two soft boiled eggs and a toast with butter or kaya toast!
A very funny way to have your coffee is in a plastic bag, because if you want to take away its a very easy way to transport your hot drink: 
Hopefully, a friend of mine that knows about my addiction to coffee introduced me to this amazing brand ‘Perk’. A very good solution for those who love coffee and like to drink it during the day without compromise your sleep!

Super easy to do it and my favourite flavour it’s the Colombian one, the smell it’s sooooo amazing and the taste is even better!

You just need boiled water, open the coffee bag, and dropped the hot water inside and it’s ready!

The perfect coffee is ready in a couple of minutes and you can drink as much as you want!!!

But you can find a lot of different flavours from around the world, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sumatra and many more. You can choose from whole bean or ground, single serve drip bags, or Nespresso compatible pods and also they deliver at home for free. 
All I wanted was a great coffee and I finally found it! 

You can check the great promotion for father’s Day here, Purchase a Table Tales book and receive five Perk Coffee drip bags filled with single origin coffees from around the world PLUS a specially designed Father’s Day gift card for $55.
Foto de Table Tales.
What are you waiting for? Link below!


You can find more about the story of this brand here:


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